Tree & Stump Removal Trimming & Pruning Service
For homeowners, the proper pruning and trimming of trees can be difficult and potentially dangerous work. NEON Monkey offers expert trimming and pruning, which is an important seasonal aspect for the health and longevity of any tree/shrub/bush on your property. We employ the latest gear an methods to produce and maintain healthly and attractive results. In addition to maintaining the health and beauty of your foliage, regular trimming can also reduce the risk of falling limbs caused by severe weather safeguarding your property's structures. NEON Monkey provides the proper trimming to maintain your tree's health, structural integrity, and beauty.

Additional Tree Services
In addition to trimming and pruning, we also offer a number of complementary, and seasonal services to support any tree/shrub/bush, at any stage in their lifecycle. These services include:

  • Cabling, Bracing, Staking & Stabilization - A proper support system to remedy structural deficiency & instability
  • Seasonal Fertilization & Soil Treatments - A proper regimen of soil enhancements & nutrients
  • Disease Treatments - Targeted treatment can prevent fungi & bacteria which cause tree diseases
  • Insect Treatments - Identify insect problems, deliver treatment, & provide routine monitoring & maintenance
  • Tree Planting - We employ a thoughtful process which includes conditions & growth habits to ensure longevity